Liquids back on aircrafts by 2013

Within three years airline passengers will once again be able to take liquids on board aircraft. The practice was ended after a terrorist attempt to smuggle liquid explosives on board aircraft was foiled by British police.

European Union states have now decided that the ban on liquids can be lifted in 2013.

The Europeans have been working on a new security system for some time now. By April 2013 all European airports will be equipped with new scanners that can detect liquid explosives.

Brussels Airport has tested the equipment. Jan Van der Cruysse told the daily De Standaard: "Every day we seize 400 litres of liquids. Checks result in large queues, a waste of time and unhappy passengers. The checks also push up costs. If there is a new system, this would be fantastic news."

The ban on passengers taking liquids on board airplanes was introduced in 2006. In the summer of 2006 British police unveiled an attempt by terrorists to take liquid explosives on board transatlantic flights in order to blow them up.

At present passengers have to put perfumes, gels and other liquids into a transparent plastic bag if they want to take them on board.

Only individual quantities of 100 millilitres are allowed. In all the liquids may not total more than one litre per person.