Bargain hunters take to the shops

The shopping streets all over Belgium are busy today. Because 3 January falls on a Sunday, the winter sales have started one day early this year. The sales this year are offering good price reductions from the first day. According to a survey of shopkeepers, many are giving 30-50% price reductions from the beginning.

Many shops still have a large stock of winter clothing. Due to the relatively warm weather this winter so far the winter collections have not sold well.

The shopkeepers are expecting to do better business during the sale period. According to Fedis, the Belgian SME organisation, the shopkeepers are counting on the sales period to make up for the poor business so far this season.

A survey by Fedis and UNIZO (the Flemish SME organisation), reveals that many shops will be offering good price reductions right from the beginning of the sales period: 30-50% reduction in some of the shops.

The survey of some 400 shopkeepers reveals that turnover has dropped by about 1 percent for this past winter collection. The year before the drop was almost 4 percent.