"Thousands of jobless more"

Prime Minister Yves Leterme (Flemish Christian democrat) is calling on all the governments of the country to work together to limit the impact of the economic crisis and to save jobs. Mr Leterme said this in the morning news programme of the VRT's Radio 1.

The "annus horribilis" of Prime Minister Yves Leterme is over. In the Radio 1 news programme this morning the PM had eyes only for the future, forging ahead into a new year. "My conviction is the same. We need state reforms. But I think countering the socio-economic crisis is an absolute priority."

According to Mr Leterme we should brace ourselves for more negative consequences. He thinks the job situation will get worse before it gets better. "Thousands of people will join the jobless ranks," predicts PM Leterme. He is therefore calling on all the governments in Belgium to join forces and work together to limit the impact of the crisis as much as possible.

Strength in unity

Eendracht maakt macht (Dutch); L’union fait la force (French)

Strength in unity is Belgium's national motto.

"If we really work together we can limit the impact. Our federalism is one of cooperation and collaboration," says PM Leterme.