flandersnews readers react to burqa ban

The unanimous decision by the Home Affairs select committee of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives, the lower House of Parliament to approve a ban on the burqa was a news story across the globe. Many flandersnews readers also reacted on our facebook fan page.

The burqa is a garment worn by some strict Muslims that is intended to cover the entire female body.

The bill now goes to a vote in a plenary session of the Chamber of Representatives.

If approved, Belgium will be the first country in the world to ban the garment.

What did flandersnews readers say about this topic on our facebook fan page?

Andy Carling:

“The only thing Belgians can agree on, it seems, is bigotry”

Jorge Janeiro:

“Seriously, I don't see why Belgium and any other European country should be more lenient and grant muslims more freedoms than they would grant any European moving to an Islamic country. Non islamic religions are not allowed to proselytize, build their own churches, have their own schools.”

Kadri Soova:

This unnecessary demonstration of power will not empower women but patronise them. It's a violent measure that will have no positive consequences for anyone. Social changes can not be provoked by violent means. Very regretful and deeply disappointing.

Arsalan Ghani

“A typical non issue.”

Mohammad Saifush Sakur:

“Hmm.................though it is very sensitive issue ........but in the same time we have to respect the law in the country in which we r live in ...........”

Eric Paul:

“why do women want to hide themselves? they say they do it for their god, so why do they remove the burqa at home? Is there NO God in their home?”

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