"Dutch" in films is often German!

The publication "Onze Taal" (Our Language) has published a report claiming that the Dutch that occurs in English language films, TV series and books is, in fact, often German.

The publication bases this claim on an investigation into scores of "Dutch" pronouncements by characters in films, series and books.

Dutchman and vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing shouts the German profanities "Mein Gott" and "Gott im Himmel" in the book "Dracula".

When James Bond played by Sean Connery in the movie "Diamonds are Forever" acts the part of a Dutch businessman, he too speaks German. Passers-by in Amsterdam greet each other with the words "Guten Abend".

To add insult to injury when Dutch characters speak English in English language films, they often do this with a Russian accent. This happens in the comedy "Austin Powers 3", when Mike Myers plays the mad Dutch scientist Johan van der Smut.

Marga, a Dutch girl in the US comedy "Friends", too sounds pretty Russian; while the blonde barman in the same series has the typically Dutch name "Gunther".