"Belgians fired in anger in Afghanistan"

The Belgian Defence Ministry has confirmed that two of the six Belgian soldiers caught up in an ambush by the Taliban in Afghanistan last week did fight alongside the German troops involved in the incident.

A German convoy was ambushed near Kunduz in northern Afghanistan last Friday. Six Belgian soldiers with expertise in mine clearance were also in the convoy. Three German soldiers died in the shoot-out with the Taliban.

A Defence Ministry spokesman told the VRT that two of the Belgians didn't manage to make it to their vehicle when the ambush started and joined the German troops that came under fire.

An earlier Defence Ministry statement insisted that the Belgians were not directly involved in the fighting and sheltered in their Dingo armoured vehicle for the duration of the attack.

The Defence Ministry now says that a more detailed report has now been compiled following the debriefing. This new account confirms posts on the internet by Belgian soldiers claiming to have taken part in the operation.

"Snelle Nico" (Quick Nico) said: "We fired from the front line together with our German colleagues. We even stayed till the last until the rest could withdraw."