13 parties on national election ballot

It has been decided which political parties will have which number on the election ballots when Belgium goes to the polls on 13 June. A young girl drew the numbers this morning out of a glass bowl. Everybody had some explanation about why the number should bring the party good luck on 13 June.

The Flemish far right Vlaams Belang will go to the polls with number 1. The Flemish nationalists (N-VA) of Bart De Wever received number 11. The list contains both the Francophone and the Flemish political parties.

The importance of the ballot numbers has diminished since the names of the parties are preceded by the party logo. This should make sure that nobody can make any mistakes when picking the party of his or her choice.

The entire list

  1. Vlaams Belang (Flemish far right)
  2. Vivant (Flemish social liberals)
  3. Lijst Dedecker (Flemish centre-right)
  4. Open VLD (Flemish liberals)
  5. PS (Francophone socialists)
  6. MR (Francophone liberals)
  7. FN (far right Francophones)
  8. CDH (Francophone Christian democrats)
  9. CD&V (Flemish Christian democrats)
  10. SP.A (Flemish socialists)
  11. N-VA (Flemish nationalists)
  12. Ecolo (Francophone greens)
  13. Groen! (Flemish greens)

Every number brings something good

"We will always have something nice to say about each number, whatever number we will receive", N-VA head Bart De Wever smiled before the event. After which a journalist asked him on the spot what he would have to tell about number seven?

"Seven is some kind of lucky number in China, I think", replied Bart De Wever. "Four? A four-leaf clover always brings you luck. Three? This refers to the Holy Trinity. One? Then you always win. And I could go on." N-VA was given number 11. "Even better. Twice number one", De Wever concluded.