Election 2010: Computers OKed

The outgoing Interior Minister, Annemie Turtelboom (Flemish liberal), has said that the voting computers used in earlier polls are still OK and can be used in the 13 June general election.

Earlier concerns were raised about the state of the system. Voices were raised in support of a return to voting with a ballot paper and red pencil.

There were worries that the computers had become obsolete and should not be used this time round.

Interior Minister Turtelboom has dashed the hopes of those who wished a general return to the old pencil and paper system. Ms Turtelboom insists most of the computers are OK and the others can be repaired in time for polling.

A total of 201 municipalities possess voting computers and these will now be used on 13 June. The computers allow counting to proceed more quickly and do away with the need to drum up citizens for the arduous task of counting ballot papers.