Electrabel customers face hefty bill

This month some 12,000 people in Flanders will receive bigger than usual energy bills. That's because the energy supplier Electrabel has given thousands of customers too much "free" energy.

The average extra bill is expected to be between 35 and 120 euros.

In Flanders each and every household has a right to 100 kWh of free electricity a year. The figure is increased by the same amount for every member of the household.

Electrabel recently discovered that for years now it had been giving thousands of Flemings too much "free" electricity. Many households received a double helping of "free" energy and Electrabel noticed nothing.

As soon as the company realised the mistake, it started sending out the extra bills. Under Belgian law Electrabel can only insist on back payments for electricity billed during the last year.