Bank blunder delays dole

Around 84,000 unemployed members of the Christian Trades Union received they dole money late as a result of a blunder by the Dexia bank. A further 32,000 people were given double, triple or even quadruple the amount they should of received.

In Belgium trade union members receive their unemployment benefit payments via their union.

At the start of this month 32,000 Christian Trades Union members had a very pleasant surprise.

Some received as much as four times the amount they would normally have expected to be given in dole money.

Meanwhile, 84,000 others were left waiting an extra day for their cash.

The union’s Eddy Van Keer told journalists "A day makes a world of difference for an unemployed person.” “We certainly plan to have words with the bank.”

Speaking about the over-payments, Ulrike Pommee of Dexia told the daily ‘Het laatste nieuws’ that a computer error had meant that some people had received multiple payments.

The bank stopped all payments from the Christian trades union’s account as soon as it had spotted the error.

Dexia must now get back the money it paid out in error.

However, ACV has warned it doesn’t want its members to end up in debt because they have to pay the money back.