More foreign adoptions

Last year the number of children being adopted in Flanders rose by 12%. The figure comes from the Flemish Central Adoption Authority. The rise is largely due to an increase in the number of children being adopted from abroad.

Last year 268 children were adopted in Flanders compared with 239 the previous year. The lion's share, 244, involved children from abroad who were adopted by Flemish families.

The number of children from Belgium being adopted fell from 29 to 24.

Most of the foreign children being adopted through mediation by adoption services hail from Ethiopia (107) and Kazakhstan (86). For the first time in many years children from Haiti were also adopted here.

The children from birth mothers in Belgium being adopted were all put up for adoption by their parents.

Belgian children can also be adopted without mediation. This usually happens when birth parents know the adoptive parents.

In addition to Ethiopia and Kazakhstan, Russia (14), China (13) and South Africa (11) are popular countries from which to adopt.