Israelis detain four Belgians

None of the five Belgians that were aboard ships carrying aid for Gaza were seriously injured when Israeli forces intercepted the maritime aid convoy on Monday. The Israeli army used considerable force while entering one of the aid ships. At least nine people were killed by the Israelis. All of those killed are believed to be Turkish.

One of the Belgians detained by the Israelis, a cameraman for the news station Al Jazeera, has already returned to Belgium.

The Belgian Consul will visit the four Belgians that are still in Israel on Tuesday afternoon.

The four Belgians are 27-year-old Kenza Isnasni from Brussels, 27-year-old Fatima el Mourabiti (also from Brussels), 32-year-old Griet Deknopper from Halle (Flemish Brabant) and 26-year-old Inge Neefs from Leuven (Flemish Brabant).

According to the Belgian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bart Ouvry, the Al Jazeera cameraman sustained a broken arm when the Israelis entered the ship.

The Belgian Foreign Minister Steven Vanackere (Flemish Christian democrat) has described the Israeli action as being disproportional.

Mr Vanackere added that it is “regrettable that violence was used”.

Mr Vanackere met with the families of Kenza Isnasni and Fatima El Mourabiti on Tuesday morning.

He reassured them that everything possible is being done to ensure their release and return to Belgium.