Belgian activists on their way home

The Israelis have begun sending home the activists detained aboard aid boats bound for Gaza on Monday. Among those released are four Belgian women. They have been put on a flight to Istanbul, from where they will return to Belgium.

The Belgian Foreign Ministry has confirmed that 27-year-old Kenza Isnasni from Brussels, 27-year-old Fatima el Mourabiti (also from Brussels), 32-year-old Griet Deknopper from Halle (Flemish Brabant) and 26-year-old Inge Neefs from Leuven (Flemish Brabant) have left prison.

The father of one of the Belgians detained by the Israelis Mark Neefs told the VRT that he had been able to speak to his daughter on Wednesday morning.

While Mr Neefs didn’t want to reveal what was said, he did say that the conversion was short and that both he and his daughter were nervous.

He added that the Israelis had forced his daughter to speak English to him. "I was able to ask questions in Dutch but Inge answered in English.”

“I assume that her answers were being screened, because someone was standing next to her and following the conversation.”