Election 2010: It's a coalition!

Now that the votes are counted all eyes are on the sums and the possible coalitions that wield a majority in the new Parliament.

VRT political editor Mark Van de Looverbosch believes that the most likely outcome is a centre-left coalition of Flemish and Francophone socialists and Christian democrats plus the Flemish nationalist N-VA. Such a government would mirror the Flemish and Walloon Regional Governments and possess a two-thirds majority needed to press through state reforms.

The same five parties plus the Flemish and Francophone ecologists is also a possibility. The Flemish greens picked up votes and Groen! leader Wouter Van Besien says he's ready to enter the government.

A coalition of Flemish and Francophone Christian democrats, Flemish nationalists and Francophone socialists (PS) also has a majority even in Flanders. The two former Flemish alliance parties have a lot in common. However, the PS is expected to demand the inclusion of the Flemish socialists in any administration

A grand coalition of Flemish and Francophone liberals, Christian democrats and socialists also has a majority, but such a coalition would not take account of the heavy losses incurred by the liberals.

Finally, a coalition of Flemish and francophone Christian democrats, socialists and greens too commands a slender majority of 78 in the 150 seat lower house. This coalition would ignore the landslide victory of Flemish nationalists.