Average age of federal MPs is 44

According to a Leuven University study, the newly elected Federal MPs and Senators have an average age of 44. There has also been a rise in the number of women MPs in the Federal Parliament.

Leuven University’s Centre for Political Science looked at the age, sex and profession of the 88 Flemish members of the Chamber of Representatives and the 25 Flemings that were directly elected to the Belgian Senate.

The average age of our representatives in the Federal Parliament in 44.9 years. 34.5% of the MPs and Senators we elected on Sunday are under 40.

This is the same percentage as in 2007, but up from just 24.7% after the 2003 federal elections.

There are now just three Flemish members of the Federal Parliament that are over 60.

The percentage of women in the Chamber of Representatives and the Senate continues to rise.

Female MPs now make up 41.6% of the Flemings in the two chambers of the Federal Parliament.

This compares to 36% in the last parliament. Nevertheless, the Flemish greens are still the only party that has more female than male MPs.

Three quarters of those elected are full-time politicians and have no other job. Of the 113 newly elected MPs and Senators, 81 have previously served in either the federal, regional or European Parliament.

Although 84% of the MPs that served in the last parliament were candidates at Sunday’s elections, around half of those elected are new to the Federal Parliament.