Good news for Bart De Wever

The Francophone liberals of the MR have sent a clear signal to informateur Bart De Wever of the Flemish nationalists. They are willing to support a broad state reform, even if this means that they won't take into account the wishes of their more extremist FDF members.

It was Senate Speaker Armand Dedecker (photo above) who announced the news this morning, after visiting Bart De Wever for the round of formation talks.

The FDF lead by Olivier Maingain (small photo) has strong French nationalists ideas. Their position on hot issues like an enlargement of Brussels and the splitting of the constituency Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde makes a compromise with the Flemish difficult, but it seems that the tables are turning.

The FDF is part of the MR, both speaking out as one and taking joint positions. Until today. Dedecker told reporters that the MR is willing to accept a compromise and that, if the FDF is not happy with that, this will not prevent them from doing so. "The FDF members only account for 3 of 18 seats in our party", Dedecker said, adding that "they can do what they want." The FDF members boycotted an MR party meeting this morning.

The new position of the MR is good news for Bart De Wever. Where the FDF used to undermine federal talks, this should now no longer be the case.