South Koreans say “Thank you Belgium”

The South Korean government has taken out a newspaper advertisement to thank the Belgians that fought in the Korean War. It’s 60 years to the day since the start of the Korean War. The anniversary is being commemorated in South Korea.

Belgian soldiers were among the thousands of Western troops that defended South Korea against an invasion attempt by the communist North.

Korea remains divided to this day and as such is one of the last remnants of Cold War.

The advertisement reads “The peace, the prosperity and the freedom we nurture today has come thanks to your selfless sacrifice and support.”

“We shall always be grateful.”

The two-page advertisement in Dutch and French can be seen in Friday’s edition of the daily ‘De Morgen”.

Belgium is not the only country to receive a message of thanks from the South Koreans.

All the other countries that were part of the United Nations force during the three-year war have also had thank you messages published in their newspapers.

A total of 106 Belgian soldiers died during the hostilities in Korea.