Bronze for Belgium in men’s 4 x 400 metres

Belgium has bagged a third medal at the European Athletics Championships in Barcelona. Arnaud Destatte, Kevin Borlée, Cedric Van Branteghem and Jonathan Borlée’s third place in the men’s the men’s 400 metre relay race brings to a close a good week for the Belgian team.

The Russian team came in first in 400 metres relay.

Great Britain was second.

It’s Kevin’s Borlée’s second medal of the Championships after taking the gold medal in Friday’s men’s 400 metre race.

Earlier in the evening the Belgian women’s 100 metre relay team was disqualified after the stick fell to the ground when Elodie Ouedraogo passed it to her teammate Frauke Penen.

Tia Hellebaut too was unable to bag a medal.

The Olympic gold medallist came in fifth in the final of women’s high jump.