Cervical cancer vaccination campaign in schools

All 12-year-old girls will be entitled to get a free vaccination against cervical cancer. This was announced by the Flemish minister Jo Vandeurzen (christian democrat) yesterday. GP's have already reacted positively to the news.

Flemish girls will have the opportunity to get vaccinated in the first year of their secondary education. In September, they will receive a leaflet explaining them about the risks of cervical cancer and how to prevent it. Later, they will have the chance to get a vaccination if they want to. There will be done free of charge at the school or by their personal GP.

Until now, patients could get a federal refund for the vaccination, but this was not a success. "In the age category of 12 to 15 years, some 40 percent of the girls has been vaccinated", Marc Arbijn of the Public Health department explains. "We already set up a general vaccination campaign against hepatitis B and 90 percent of the pupils responded positively. We estimate that this will also be the case with this vaccine."

Girls receiving the vaccine before the first sexual contact, enjoy a 70 percent protection against cervical cancer.