Technical experts study state reform proposals

The negotiations on a state reform and the transfers of federal cash to the regions and the language communities are continuing today. As the financial details are being worked out, the technical experts are being called to the scene. An accord should not be expected today or even tomorrow.

Today's talks involve both the political players and the technical experts. It is not necessarily so that all the party heads of the seven political parties involved in the negotiations will be present the whole day.

The funding mechanisms under which the federal state, the regions and the communities receive cash is very complicated.

Generally speaking, Flanders is pressing for more financial transfers to the regions and communities. At the same, these should bear more financial responsibility for their policy decisions. The Francophones are more reluctant to make changes to the present system.

There is also Brussels: the Brussels region should receive more cash, Francophones claim, but the Flemish nationalists of N-VA are not keen on the idea.

A breakthrough is not expected before Wednesday.