American army trucks stopped by black widows

A number of American army trucks have been stranded in the port of Antwerp since the 14th of August because they apparently carry black widows. Local authorities are now waiting for the go-ahead of the Health Inspection to exterminate the spiders. Only when this has been done, will the army vehicles continue their way.

There is no footage of the American army trucks, and there are no photos available. The spiders were discovered last week, when the trucks were taken off a ship that came from America.

Black widows are venomous spiders. Bites by the spiders can be fatal, if the victim does not receive the proper antidote. Experts stress that the spider is not aggressive and will only bite in certain circumstances.

The species originally comes from the United States, but is now living in various parts of the world. Experts claim that the climate in Belgium is too cold and moist for the species to survive, but the Health Department does not want to take any risks. Experts also warn that the species could adapt to different climates in the long run.

The American convoy will only get the go-ahead to continue the journey once the spiders have been exterminated.