Are health savings on the cards?

A new report from the commission supervising the budget suggests that two billion euros worth of savings can easily be accomplished in the health insurance sector.

Savings are needed because, if no changes are made, the deficit in the social security budget will balloon by 23 billion over the next six years.

The health insurance is only one part of the social security budget, but savings here would be welcome.

The planned deficit is covered by loans and extra hand-outs from the treasury, but a report now suggests that savings can easily  be made.

Two billion could be saved through a series of measures: if health insurance expenditure was frozen next year and not allowed to increase with the 4.5% allowed by law. This will raise one billion. A number of savings that were agreed earlier have never been implemented. Implementing these now  too could save money.

Further savings can be accomplished if more accurate predictions are made of future expenditure and if hospitals and doctors economise on treatments.