Flemish eggs in Poznan

A Flemish artist is causing a stir at Europe’s largest exhibition of contemporary art, the Poznan Biennial. Koen Vanmechelen’s monumental piece comprises two towers built out of chicken wire. Each of the towers is filled with hundreds of eggs.

Koen Vanmechelen (right) is one of the main attractions at the exhibition in the Western Polish city.

The 12 metre high towers are decorated with photos of 13 generations of cross-bred of chickens.

According the artist, "By crossing different breeds of chicken for around the world, you get an ever-changing and surprising result.“

"This piece is, as it were, a genetic ark that shows that bringing together diversity can lead to greater mutual respect.”

“To choose diversity, is to choose enrichment.”

The eggs are being kept warm by 4 incubator lamps.

They are due to hatch in about three weeks.

According to Koen Vanmechelen, the hatching of the eggs is "symbolic for the chick leaving a position of infertile isolation.”

Vanmechelen has already made waves in the art world with previous chicken-related pieces.

Over the years he has established a name for himself with his paintings, drawings and stuffed chickens.