Anderlecht trip up Club Brugge in Brussels

In last weekend's clash of the Titans Club Brugge travelled all the way to Brussels to see their initial 2 - 0 lead against Anderlecht slip away.

Club Brugge got off to a great start. Dalmat scored after only 5 minutes. Geraerts made it 2 - 0 after barely 21 minutes.

However, Club Brugge lost this commanding lead in a couple of minutes just before half time. Juhasz made Anderlecht's first goal in the 43rd minute. This was followed by the equaliser from Lukaku two minutes later.

Anderlecht are now third in the league behind Racing Genk and AA Gent. Club Brugge that are experiencing a dreadful season are ninth.

Cercle Brugge 0 AA Gent 1

In Sunday night's other action AA Gent beat Cercle Brugge away 1 - 0. Smolders made the only goal of the match thanks to a penalty towards the end of the game. The win took AA Gent to second place in the standings ahead of Anderlecht.

Cercle are eighth, just ahead of city rivals, Club Brugge.