Love triangle lawyer gets death threats

Jef Vermassen, who recently played a leading role in the conviction of Els Clottemans in the Parachute Murder, has received death threats.

Mr Vermassen, who represented the family of Els Clottemans's rival in love and victim, Els Van Doren, said that the death threats materialised following a hate campaign conducted via the Internet. The celebrated lawyer wants a number of groups on the social networking site facebook to be closed down.

Mr Vermassen regrets that the death threats have become public knowledge but has confirmed that they are true: "I hope this orchestrated campaign against me stops, because it's no fun for me or my family."

The lawyer has filed a complaint with the police.

At the recent Parachute Murder Case Els Clottemans (photo) was convicted of the murder of Els Van Doren with who she was linked in a love triangle. The conviction occurred despite the absence of any physical evidence showing that Clottemans had committed the murder. At the trial Mr Vermassen represented the victim's family.

Following the trial several groups were founded on facebook. One group aimed against the celebrated lawyer has been closed down, but a new one has already been created.