The Lamb of God in need of restoration

The Van Eyck brothers’ painting “The Lamb of God” is in urgent need of restoration. Saturday’s edition of the daily ‘Het Nieuwsblad’ quotes experts from Antwerp University as saying that work urgently needs to be carried out to restore the 15th century polyptych to its former glory.

Although “The Lamb of God” is almost 600 years old, the wooden panels on which it was painted are still in good condition.

However, some of the original colours on the painting are hidden by a layer of varnish that has become discoloured by time.

Anne van Grevenstein of Antwerp University told ‘Het Nieuwsblad’ that work needs to be done on the painting as visitors to Ghent Cathedral where the polyptych is the altarpiece are no longer to see the painting as the Van Eyck brothers would have wanted them to.

"The Lamb of God” is owned by the Ghent Cathedral’s Church Council.

The Church Council and the Flemish authorities would finance any restoration work done to the painting.

An important work

"The Lamb of God" is one of the most important works by what are known as the Flemish Primitives.

One of the panels from the polyptych was stolen in 1934 and has been missing ever since.

Several theories as to the whereabouts of the panel have surfaced over the years.

However, all of these have turned out to be false.