An icy drive into work

The wintery conditions spelled misery for many Flemish commuters on Tuesday morning. Snow and ice made for a longer than average rush hour with longer than average traffic jams. At one point there were a total of 391km of traffic jams on the roads.

Nevertheless, the motoring organisation Touring has given the thumbs up to the Flemish Region’s Winter Action Plan that was deployed for the first time on Monday night.

Teams of gritters across Flanders worked through the night to keep the region’s motorways and main roads free of snow.

However, some minor roads remain treacherous, as do some bridges and slip roads.

The Winter Action Plan was drawn up by the Flemish Government after the traffic chaos caused by snowfall last winter.

The plan contains measures to improve communication between the various agencies responsible for keeping the roads free of snow and ice as well as doubling the amount of rock salt stored for gritting.

The Flemish Transport Minister Hilde Crevits (Christian Democrat) told the VRT that the Winter Action Plan had worked well.