Ghent man finds 250,000 euros

A man from the East Flemish city of Ghent had quite a surprise when he opened a safe that had been left behind in a former bank that he is renovating. He discovered that there was around a quarter of a million euros still in the safe.

The Ghent Local Police are taking care of the cash for the time being while an attempt is made to trace the money’s rightful owner.

The man and his partner bought the former Dexia bank on the Francisco Ferrerlaan in Ghent sometime ago and they are now hard at work renovating the building.

They decided to remove the safe as it was in the way.

When they broke open the safe, they had the surprise of their lives.

Around 250,000 euros in banknotes was inside the safe.

The police and the media were informed.

A police officer went to the building and took the money away for safe keeping.

It’s not yet clear what will happen to the cash.