Householders cough up 150 euros for fraudulent insurance claims

Between 100 and 150 euros of the money the average family pays in insurance premiums each year goes to compensate fraudulent claims the dailies Gazet van Antwerpen and Het Belang van Limburg report.

Fraud is most common in claims for lost baggage or on car insurance. François de Clippele of the insurers' federation Assuralia says that there are doubts about the claims of one in four carjackings and car thefts:

"Some people who buy an expensive car realise that they have made a wrong purchase and by staging a carjacking they find an easy way of getting rid of the vehicle. People make sure their vehicle disappears. They report it to the police and then when the insurer has his doubts about the exact train of events it is up to him to prove that fraud is involved. We also give the insurer the benefit of the doubt until there is actual evidence of fraud."

In some cases even crashes have been simulated in order to defraud insurance companies.