Big increase in forged bank notes

There has been a big increase in the number of forged banknotes in circulation in Belgium. 43,675 forged Euro-bills were intercepted during 2010. This is a rise of 59% on the 27,415 counterfeit banknotes that were intercepted in Belgium in 2009. The figures come from the National Bank of Belgium.

The majority of the counterfeit notes discovered were 50 Euro-bills (54% of the total).

The rise in counterfeit banknotes in Belgium is in contrast to the figures for Europe as a whole. The European Central Bank says that the total number of forged Euro-bills seized last year was lower than the number intercepted during 2009.

Despite the rise in the number of counterfeit notes in circulation  in Belgium, their number is still just a drop in the ocean when compared to the 450 million genuine Euro-bills that are in circulation here.

The National Bank of Belgium offers training in the detection of forged notes to people that handle a lot of cash, such as shopkeepers and waiters.