“Haunted house” faces demolition

The local authority in the East Flemish municipality of Assenede has decided to demolish a building on the Belgian-Dutch border that is known locally as the “haunted house”. However, the decision has met with stiff opposition from the local Historical Society from the neighbouring municipality of Sas-van-Gent (Dutch province of Zeeland) that has organised a petition to try and save the house.

The “haunted house” has been empty for many years and the roof of the building was removed some time ago. According to local legend, during the war a German soldier was electrocuted inside the house and he has haunted it ever since. The house attracts ghost-hunters from all over Europe and photos, films and stories of “supernatural phenomena” that have occurred inside the house have been circulated widely on the internet.

The owner of the building applied to the municipal authorities for a demolition permit after receiving a complaint about the house. Now Assende Council has agreed that it should be demolished.

However, the Sas-van-Gent Historical Society has lodged an appeal and started a petition in an effort to save the building.

The Society’s Joop Van Hecke told the VRT that “the house was built by the Director of the glass factory who was also an architect. It is situated on a polder and is of historical value”, Mr Van Hecke added.