Gay couple united with their Ukrainian baby

The Belgian - Ukrainian toddler, Samuel, has arrived in Belgium. The boy's parents, a Belgian gay couple, collected the lad in Poland.

Samuel was born thanks to fertilisation outside the womb and the services of a Ukrainian surrogate mother. One of the Belgian gay men is Samuel's natural father. The toddler spent the first two years of his life in a Ukrainian orphanage and with foster parents because the Ukrainian authorities refused to let the boy out of the country. Here, the boy's gay parents had a battle on their hands because no legal framework presently exists for such cases.

Samuel was born in Ukraine to a surrogate mother. Ukrainian law recognises this procedure, but there are no provisions in Belgium for such cases. The ruling of a Belgian judge was needed before the Belgian Foreign Ministry was prepared to issue a Belgian passport.

The boy was first taken across the Ukrainian border into Poland, before he could be united with his parents there. The Belgian gay couple was not welcome in Ukraine.

Samuel spent his first night in Belgium in Brussels, but is now heading to France where his parents live and his room has been waiting for him for two years!