Abused girls to be sent back to Romania

Three Romanian sisters that were abused by their father are to be returned to their homeland. The girls' father is currently serving time for the incest in a Belgian prison. The three girls aged 4, 7 and 10 have been looked after by foster parents for the past two years.

However, their mother has asked for them to be returned to Romania to live with her. The girls have been with a foster family in Belgium since 2009.

They came here as their parents said that they were no longer able to look after them. After a while it emerged that they had been subjected to sexual abuse by their father and a number of other men.

Now the girls’ mother has declared in writing that she wants her daughters returned, the Aliens Offices has cleared the way for them to be sent back to Romania. The Aliens Office says that there is no legal foundation for keeping the girls here. Consequently, they can not be adopted.

Their foster families are resisting the girls’ return.

"As far as we’re aware, the mother has always been happy that her children were being brought up in Belgium”, the spokesman for the foster parents Jan Van Hove told journalists. "However, it appears that the Romanian authorities now have a document in which the mother asks for her children back.”

Mr Van Hove added that he is convinced that the girls would be returning to “hell on earth” if they are sent back.

The girls' father was detained by police during a visit to Belgium. He was later tried and given a two-year prison sentence for the abuse by a Belgian court.