Tax service to fill in tax declaration itself

For several hundred thousand taxpayers the Belgian tax service intends to do the taxpayers' job for them this year. The tax service will fill in the tax returns for several hundred thousand people whose situation has changed little in recent years.

If your situation has changed little in recent years, there is a likelihood that the tax service possesses sufficient data to do the job itself. Most of these tax dossiers concern retired people, the unemployed or people who have been on sick or incapacity benefit.

Francis Adyns of the Finance Ministry: "Every year we hear a lot of criticism. It's too difficult to fill in the tax declaration form. We now hope to be able to help this group of people who experience difficulty filling in the form."

"Last year we did a pilot project with 5,000 people. This will now be rolled out to include several hundred thousand people this year."

There should not be any problem for people who use service cheques, because the tax reduction occurs automatically. People who install solar panels and want a tax rebate will have to inform the tax service though.