“Haunted house” demolished

The so-called “haunted house” on the border between Belgium and the Netherlands at Assenede (East Flanders)/Sas-van-Gent (Zeeland) has been demolished. The building was raised to the ground by a demolition crew on Friday.

The “haunted house” had been empty for many years and the roof of the building had already been removed some time ago.

According to local legend, during the war a German soldier was electrocuted inside the house and he haunted it ever since.

The house attracted ghost-hunters from all over Europe and photos, films and stories of “supernatural phenomena” that have occurred inside the house have been circulated widely on the internet.

The house was built by the boss of the adjacent Sas-van-Gent glassworks who was also an architect. Like the glasswork, the house had been empty for many years and had fallen into disrepair.

The owner of the house, the Flemish entrepreneur Luc Christiaen, decided to sell the site either with or without the house.

As the only potential buyer, the Dutch entertainer Johan Vlemmix failed to make a formal offer; Mr Christiaens decided to have the house demolished.

This spelled the end for the “Haunted house of Sas-van-Gent