Could Ben Ali be heading for Flanders?

Saturday’s edition of the daily ‘De Morgen’ reports that the police and intelligence services are aware that the deposed former president of Tunisia Zin El Abidine Ben Ali might come to Flanders. 74-year-old Mr Ben Ali has distant relatives living in the Flemish Brabant village of Relegem, about 15km northwest of Brussels.

The police is reported to be aware that Mr Ben Ali might come here.

It is believed that the former Tunisian President is planning a reunion with family members that he became parted from after a popular uprising in his homeland forced him to flee to Saudi Arabia.

The Belgian police is reported to have been in possession of information that “doesn’t rule out” him coming here for the past two weeks.

The police are not prepared to reveal the identity of Mr Ben Ali’s family members that live here for fear that they might become the subject of intimidation or attack.

However, according to ‘De Morgen’ they live in a residential area in Relegem (Flemish Brabant).

The Foreign Ministry Crisis Centre says that it is aware that a potential reunion might take place in Relegem, but there are  no clear indications that Mr Ben Ali is planning a stay in Flemish Brabant.