Archbishop gets four more tarts in his face

A total of four tarts were thrown at the Belgian Archbishop André-Joseph Léonard during a reading at the UCL University in Louvain-la-Neuve. The news was confirmed by the Francophone broadcaster RTBF.

The reading was organised by a student group at the UCL. Things went wrong from the start when the Belgian Primate got a tart in his face on his arrival. The tart thrower explained his action: "This is what he deserves for all the gays who don't dare to tell their parents and for all the girls who are in a quandary about an abortion."

Security agents failed to prevent a further three tarts being hurled at Belgium's controversial Archbishop inside during the meeting. All three tarts too ended up in the Archbishop’s face, though one of the projectiles was possibly a pizza covered with Chantilly - clearly a delicacy among Walloon students.

This is not the first time that the Archbishop ends up with cream on his face. During prayers in Brussels Cathedral on All Saints a tart was thrust in his face.

The Archbishop became a favourite target for protesters after he said that AIDS was a form of justice.