Belgium creates watchdog to clamp down on internet fraud

The Belgian government is launching a new service to combat internet fraud. It is called BISC, which is short for "Belgian Internet Service Centre" and comes at a time when more and more people are buying and ordering things through the internet. The BISC will act as a kind of watchdog.

The internet trade through Belgian websites will be worth an estimated 1 billion euros this year. Some are taking advantage of this and are setting up false websites to mislead potential customers.

The BISC has a whole team of employees which are looking for internet vendors with bad intentions. The watchdog has visited some 425,000 websites over the past six months, checking fiscal, social and economic parameters.

The main aim is to better protect customers. It's not easy to check the world wide web operating from an office in Belgium, but so-called trusted labels for domain names can help, like ".be".  It's not easy to get hold of a domain name ending in .be, and this might deter internet criminals.