Maori artist exhibits in Antwerp's MAS Museum

George Nuku is an artist from New Zealand whose Maori heritage inspires much of his art. His work may be inspired by the traditions of Polynesia, but George also tries to be innovative using contemporary materials in his art. The materials used include polystyrene and Plexiglas.

One of George's installations on show in the MAS is reminiscent of a Maori meeting hall that reunites people with their ancestors. George throws down a challenge to museums in the West by turning Plexiglas showcases into sacred shrines. Figures and motives that reveal the power of the ancestors are intended to impress the visitor. The meeting hall on which his installation is based actually represents the body of an ancestor.

In the section of the museum devoted to the display of power, prestige and symbols, George's work is exhibited together with the MAS's collection of Polynesian artefacts that include war canoes and traditional Polynesian dress used to identify the wealth and godly powers of the bearer.