Activists destroy genetically modified crops

A group of environmental activists has destroyed a field of genetically modified potatoes in the East Flemish municipality of Wetteren. They were able to run amok in the field despite a strong police presence numbering some sixty officers. The three hundred protestors have now succeeded in their aim of preventing an experiment being carried out using the genetically modified potatoes.

A number of the protestors were able to climb over a fence surrounding the field and spray the plants with pesticides.

Around forty activists were detained after the incident.
Jo Beulen of the Flemish Institute for Biotechnology told the VRT that "the activists refused to enter into a dialogue with us.”

“A couple of hundred of them pushed the fence over and destroyed the field. From a scientific point of view this is a disaster. This has put us back a year.”

“We have seen how the democratic process has failed and that even the police was unable to stop the destruction. We are considering taking legal action.”