Rioting in Antwerp after Morocco beat Algeria 4-0 in soccer

The Antwerp suburb of Borgerhout was the scene of rioting by immigrant youngsters last night following a soccer match between Morocco and Algeria.

A large group of youngsters gathered and started hurling stones. One youngster even threw a petrol bomb. Some thirty youths were detained. Four were arrested on vandalism charges.

Two were later released due to lack of evidence.  A third, a minor, will appear before a youth magistrate.  The charges include attacking a police officer.

Antwerp police say that video pictures will be used to identify other vandals.

There were disturbances at the Kiel, but the atmosphere turned most nasty in Borgerhout where two hundred youngsters had massed. Stones rained on the police and several vehicles were damaged.

An intervention vehicle operated by the Flemish local transport company De Lijn was also attacked. Similar riots occurred here in April following the Spanish cup final between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

In Brussels too there were a number of incidents.

Morocco beat Algeria 4 - 0.