Have Thais found Belgian cauliflowers with E.coli?

The Thai authorities say that they have identified a consignment of Belgian cauliflowers that have been contaminated with E.coli. Belgium's Federal Food Safety Agency, the FAVV, believes that it is unlikely that this is the same variety of the bacteria that has claimed at least 33 deaths.

Some confusion still surrounds the reports from Thailand. Tests are now being carried out on the Belgian cauliflowers - or possibly on German turnips grown in Belgium, but it could take up to three days before the results are available.

The FAVV is keen to play down the affair suggesting there is no reason for concern.  Geert De Poorter of the FAVV says that increased monitoring allows his organisation to conclude that there is no problem with produce grown and/or sold here.  Mr De Poorter believes that it would be very illogical if there would now be a problem with the lethal E.coli variety on Belgian produce in Thailand. 

He pointed to the increased checks here that are continuing.  Eighty-seven test results are now available and they are all favourable.

Earlier the Thai authorities found avocados grown in Europe that were also contaminated, but tests showed that the lethal variety of the bacteria was not present.