Flemish energy suppliers buy lion's share of green power abroad

According to the VREG, the Flemish electricity market regulator, 51 percent of the electricity supplied to Flemish families is sustainable energy. However, only 7 percent of this so-called green electricity is actually generated in Flanders.

When deciding which energy supplier they will take, Flemish consumers are focusing more on sustainable energy than in the past. Moreover, energy suppliers are receiving a financial compensation from the government if they sell green energy.

While so-called green suppliers account for 51 percent of electricity consumption in Flanders, it turns out that only 7 percent of this energy is actually being generated in Flanders. The rest is being imported from abroad. The VREG points out that many people in Flanders opt for sustainable energy suppliers, while in fact these often don't invest in clean energy themselves.

Sustainable energy sources include solar energy, wind, water or bio mass power plants.