Cyclists allowed to jump the red light?

A bill has been proposed to allow cyclists to continue on a red under certain circumstances, for example when turning right at a crossing. In the Netherlands, this is already the case. However, it is not sure whether a majority can be found in parliament to approve the bill.

In Belgium, cyclists are not allowed to jump red lights under any circumstances. If they do, they are breaking the law and they can be ticketed by police. However, this could change in future.

A special parliament commission has agreed to propose a bill to allow cyclists to jump the red light. This would the case under strict conditions, e.g. when they don't have to merge with other traffic. "An example would be turning right at a crossing", explains the socialist lawmaker Karin Temmerman. "We see that this already happens in practice. In future, motorists would be better informed with new road signs."

New road signs would be introduced to inform motorists. However, the bill still has to pass the Chamber of Representatives. And despite the fact the rule already applies in the Netherlands and France, the Belgian State Secretary for Mobility, Etienne Schouppe (Flemish Christian democrat) is against the idea. The Belgian Road Safety Institute is also against.