Flemish government announces "green car tax"

As from next year, the vehicle registration tax Flemings will have to pay when buying a new car, will depend on how polluting the car is. This should persuade buyers to take into account the enviroment when making their choice. This was announced by the Flemish government.

For the moment, the tax Flemish motorists are paying when buying a new car, the so-called BIV (a kind of registration tax) is determined by how powerful the motor is.

As from next year, it's the car's emissions and the so-called euronorm that will determine the tax. One of the factors is the CO2 emission, but there are also others. Critics say that the measure will not automatically punish motorists buying a big car.

The registration tax will range between 6.5 and 10,000 euros. This maximum amount will have to be coughed up by those purchasing a Porsche Cayenne, instead of 4,957 euros now. The registration tax is not to be confused with the regular car tax, which has to be paid every year.