More interventions to help out absent-minded motorists

The Belgian motoring association Touring has to assist more and more motorists abroad who have a problem caused by sheer absent-mindedness. In four years' time, the figures for this type of intervention have more than doubled. Early statistics for this year confirm the trend.

Danny Smagghe of Touring explains that there are three main types of inconveniences: "Locking yourself out of the car after leaving the car keys inside, putting the wrong type of fuel into the tank - diesel instead of petrol and vice versa - and a dead battery after leaving small lights inside the car on for too long."

Danny Smagghe asks motorists taking the car to go on holiday to keep vigilant at all times and to bring a spare key in any case.

Since the start of the summer holidays, Touring has already helped out 351 distracted holiday makers abroad. On a yearly basis, this figure totals over 2,000 interventions, coming from some 1,000 four years ago.