Belgian UFO picture was really a forgery

A photograph said to depict an unidentified flying object in the night sky above Wallonia that was seen across the globe over twenty years ago was a forgery. The picture was taken in Petit Rechain near Verviers in Liege province on 4 April 1990, but the Walloon photographer has now conceded that it was faked.

The photographer now says that he took a picture of a model made from polystyrene: "We never realised that the photograph would leave the factory where we were working. The snapshot started to lead a life of its own and we decided to keep our own counsel."

Towards the end of the eighties and in 1990 several people reported seeing mysterious objects flying about in Belgian airspace. Several pictures were published in the media. They were keenly investigated and even the US Space Agency NASA was on the case, but nobody ever latched on to the deception perpetrated by this Walloon photographer over twenty years ago.

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