Watch out, the mosquitoes are coming!

Due to the higher temperatures we have had the last couple of days, we can expect an invasion of mosquitoes in the coming days. That's according to the Institute of Natural Sciences. There haven't been many mosquitoes so far due to the cold month of July, but this could change in the near future, experts claim.

The mosquitoes have not been very active over the past weeks but this is due to the cold spell in July. As we are having warmer days and humid conditions now, this is about to change, experts warn. The mosquitoes will get more active and there are even talks of an "invasion" in the next couple of days, although others put this into perspective.

Female mosquitos only need fresh blood and still water in order to breed. After biting people and sucking fresh blood out of the body, female mosquitos lay hundreds of eggs. For this purpose, they need still water. Small quantities are sufficient, like some rain left in the gutter or water left in a dish under a flower pot.

It takes 10 days for the eggs to develop.