Bel 20 closes up 2.8%

The Bel 20 index of leading shares on the Brussels Stock Exchange has closed up for the first time in twelve days. Despite losses during Tuesday morning trading, the Bel 20 closed up by 2.8% on yesterday’s close and stood at 2,154.72 at the close of trading at 5:30pm on Tuesday.

After starting off more or less unchanged, share prices on the Brussels Stock Exchange fell once again during Tuesday morning trading.

Despite, initial rises of up to 2% early on, the Bel 20 index of the leading shares was down by 2.8% by 10:30am and stood at 2,040 points.

The downward spiral continued and by midday the Bel 20 stood at 2,026 points.

However, there was a rally on Tuesday afternoon and not only were the morning’s losses made good, but the Bel 20 ended 2.8% up on Monday’s close.