Tough times for the region’s farmers

The poor weather conditions over the past few months have spelled trouble for farmers. The price of potatoes has plummeted and many farmers in the region are unable to harvest their grain. Meanwhile, yields of some other crops have fallen significantly as a result of the dry spring.

Barley in many fields has yet to be harvested. However, farmers have been unable to do so due to the rain.

The dry weather in the spring has seen sweet corn yields reduced and it is likely that yields of other crops will be down on last year.

However, the wet weather over the past couple of months means that there has been a big increase in potato yields. This in turn has led to a fall in the price paid at auction for a kilo of spuds.

A month ago, a farmer could expect to received 20 cents per kilo of potatoes. Now this has fallen to just 2 cents.

Despite the fall in the potato price, Bernard Lefèvre of the National Association of Chip Fryers told the VRT that we shouldn’t expect a fall in the price of the country’s favourite take away food.

“We’re still paying between 60 and 70 cents for a kilo of potatoes. Even if we got the potatoes for free, we still have a lot of other overheads.”